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April 1, 2011 9:02 am
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l/r Patty Wenck, Gail Smith, Trish Solorio, Patricia Whatley

The puppet shows were just amazing. 

The Pilot International Brain Minders Program is our organization’s main project to provide information to our preschooler, kindergartner’s and first graders on how to take care of their brain. 

Our unique way to teach brain safety is through Puppet Shows.  We use beautiful animal puppets to teach the children to wear helmets while biking, always wear seat belts, play safe on play grounds and be street smart.  The children love the puppets and at the same time learn to be safe.  We supply a Brain Minder coloring book to each child and bike helmet for those who do not have them.  Our club would love to take our Puppet show to your preschool, grades k to 1st,   afterschool, or school programs and church programs.  Please Trish Solorio call at:  770-577-5873 to arrange a show.

Pilots and Puppets

February 4, 2011 9:38 pm
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Pilot International’s exclusive Public Service campaign, BrainMinders™ is focused on providing brain injury prevention education to the general public, children, caregivers and professionals in the community.
The BrainMinder Buddies™ youth educational portion targets children three to six and seven to eight years of age and highlights injury prevention through the “Play Safe, Play Smart” program.

 Every 21 seconds* someone in the United States incurs a brain injury.
 Every 16 seconds someone in the world sustains a brain injury.
 In the USA, approximately 90,000 people experience a life-long debilitating loss of function due to a traumatic brain injury each year.
 Most frequent causes of brain injuries are vehicular crashes, falls, sports and recreational injuries and assault.
 Brain injury is the most frequent cause of death among young people.
 Annually, 30,000 children become permanently disabled, 150,000 are hospitalized and 7,000 deaths occur due to brain injury in the United States.
 Many people are not aware that brain damage can occur after a near drowning, or during a medical emergency.
 Currently, up to fifty percent of the American public is unaware that shaking a baby is dangerous.
 An estimated 3,000 children are diagnosed with the traumatic brain injury known as shaken baby syndrome (SBS).
 The only defense against brain injury is prevention education.

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